Lyme Co-Infections

       Medical Mystery - Unknown Organism

.In order to solve the Mystery, the Organism below has to be researched   to determine to cause. This takes time and money & we have neither. 

       Unknown organism astonished UBC scientists

    They recommended to seek answer in the USA where are more knowledgable

               No test available at BCCDC 

                   for these harmful diseases 

devastating lyme
devastating lyme

        overlooked silent killer Lyme Co- infections

            discovered 1997  -  present to this date


          These undiagnosed stubborn organisms are  affecting Suzy's health

              have many repeated life cycles, they multiply in huge amounts

              causing  harmful toxic substances to take over 


              Laboratory test result:        seed like material 

              Laboratory also concern:   harmful organism - environmental  issue                                                                                                                                                                      


Give Suzy a chance to start

a new journey in life

to recover her youth talents

to be able achieve her goals

so she can enjoy a normal life

devastating lyme
devastating lyme

 I loved to write stories

 and poems

devastating lyme

 I  enjoyed playing piano


devastating lyme

   I was only able to attend

   school one hour a day

I loved education

wanted to become

a teacher

devastating lyme

    Leo is my best friend

    He helps me  around






            If you feel you can help Suzy with a donation please contact:


devastating lyme

              Please give me hope that I will one day be able                                  to live pain-free once again and have my health restored.


             Help make my dreams a reality.

            With your support I can get well.             With gratitude Suzy                                                                                                       


I have fallen many times....

I have limited vision and

no stable balance