devastating lyme
devastating lyme


 If not diagnosed and treated early, this disease weakens the immune system, allowing other unknown infections to invade and take over. This is what happened in Suzy's case. It attacked her Nervous System with full force . She went from being healthy to being disabled.

    Advanced Neurological Lyme

There is a Hope:  Stem Cell Treatment


     Please help restore my          health        


             This "monster" disease                  powerfully attacked and damaged

my whole body, mind and soul.

 It robbed me of my talents and goals.

It pierced my heart 

 from all the pain

of not being able to enjoy

my young life

                      passing by so fast.                       I’ve been stuck in this circle

      of pain so long, I do not know  

                   what a normal life is like.              

                I can't bear it anymore             

           you would not believe how much   I have cried    


      I cannot win

    this tough battle

   without your help






Medical International Controversy - Diagnostic Criteria


Suzy was a healthy talented child who enjoyed school, arts, piano and sports. However, these talents slowly vanished when the symptoms of this disease began to appear. They were mild at the beginning but rapidly progressed. Although over the years, doctors and specialists tried to find a cause, diagnose was not established and therefore no treatment was found in time. It was in Europe that Suzy was diagnosed with stage III Neurological Lyme Disease 22 years ago. This delayed diagnosis, ruled out in Canada, had severe impact on Suzy's health. 


Dr. Kindree regarding Lyme states: "As clinical Laboratory tests are notoriously unreliable the conflicting lab results between the Czech Republic and Vancouver Prov. lab add additional uncertainty as to the appropriate treatment"


The controversy of Lyme and co-infections to proposed differential negative diagnoses caused Suzy endless prolonged suffering physical and mental for more than 2 decades. Specialist no longer wants to see Suzy because she has been seen by the specialists in the past already, leaving her without any medication. 


Because any infectious disease was ruled out regardless the symptoms Suzy has and that some tests indicate infection, Suzy has been left to deal with the ravages of the disease on her own with some help of alternative medicine to lessen her suffering and help her to cope. Certain diseases co infections to Lyme are not known even to BC scientists:

Lyme Co- Infection - Medical Mystery- Unknown Organism 


Suzy spent the best years of her youth suffering both physically and mentally and cannot lead a normal life. The disease affects her whole body and because it was discovered at such a late stage, it had time to cause also severe neurological damages, in particular


 paralysis of the eyes and eyelids. She has to try and open her eye lids manually in order to see,  she has digestive issue, hormonal imbalance, neurological fatigue and never free of pain including depression.


Suzy is living in despair, fearing to face another day


Alternative approaches are the only option to fight the disease. These treatments are expensive.  Suzy lost her father when she was 3 years old, and we have no family to turn to for help. 

For Suzy's deteriorating condition, researchers have recommended

Stem Cell Treatment to restore her health and her functional well being. 


  Stem Cell Treatment can stop Suzy's pain and turn her life around 


As a mother I am appealing to the public for financial support. I have spent the last 23 years fighting for my daughter, supporting her as much as I can, and I am exhausted. Our medical system failed us and I cannot bear this to be the way my daughter has to live.                          



             Please help me look forward                             to the hope of being able to live again                       and know what it feels like

                           to be pain free                    

             to make my dreams a reality       


            I need your support to get well.                                                                                     Suzy





We need your support to get Suzy the help    
        .she so desperately needs  
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